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The process of abaca bags

Style Cat is a lifestyle brand that aims to give bring fresh new styles to try for all the fashion-savvy curious cats out there. The Style Cat is always adventurous, game and ready to make a statement. Style Cat is an eco-ethical fashion line that supports people, saving the environment and showcases pieces that will hone your style and creativity. It aims to create awareness, instill values of cruelty free products and show love for the environment – without sacrificing style and quality.


Style Cat Resort brings you tropical inspired resort wear for city girls, travel junkies, and beach babes. Style Cat Finds brings you limited pieces from Yuki’s travels around the globe. Woven by highly skilled local artisans, the bags crafted from indigenous materials, customized with detailed embroidery and fringing. Carry your tote from the beach to the city! Order yours online now on

in between weaves | Bicol, Philippines

Yuki Tansengco is a 20-something entrepreneur turned style & travel blogger. She loves to share bits of her style hacks and travel tips through her blog The Style Cat which aims to inspire millennials to become curious cats and go on new adventures. On the side, she does freelance PR consultancy and social media content creation for brands. After all – it’s meow or never.

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