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Fashion blogger and entrepreneur Yuki Higson was determined to make a change; to help the Manila City Jail community showcase their skills and talents at a larger scale. Thus, the birth of a passion project. She partnered with the Manila City Jail Male Dormitory, in creating beautiful, wearable, and chic wooden hand bags!

Metro Style

When woven basket bags took over the street style scene last year, I knew that I had to get my hands on one. Since the Philippines is known for these rustic materials, I was determined to source one locally. I checked out all the local designers, and then I finally found one that fit the bill. My Style Cat bag is stylish, versatile, well-priced, and impeccably made! One year and numerous OOTDs later, I can still count on this bag to add that special oomph to any outfit! 

Disha Daswani

If there's a wicker bag you should spend on, it's got to be this. Whether you're going all OTT in an equally frilly skirt and ruffled shirt, or keeping everything else low-key in a jeans and tee, this bag will do you no wrong. 

Cosmo PH

I love the color of my Style Cat Isla Daku bag - green is my fave! I also like the size. It is big enough that it can fit my small travel essentials like my phone, powerbank, wallet and lotion. The style and design is definitely eye catching.

Liz Martin

I love my Agatha swimsuit because the style fits perfectly on me and it's so comfortable to wear. For my Araw bag, it feels sturdy and made wity great quality. It’ll go with all of my spring and summer outfits. 

Mavic Dionisio

I came across Style Cat at the Women 2020 Entrepreneurship Summit and was totally smitten by their range of products - not to mention my fondness of anything handmade and handcrafted by local artisans. I even ended up buying more than I have planned! 

I love how versatile their headwraps are which I occassionaly use as necktie/scarf and belt - all these benefits in one product, while helping the local weavers of my beloved Pinas!

Wendy Molina, Co-Owner Old Baguio Cafe

My Style Cat full head wrap will upgrade any outfit and make it truly, yours. Not to mention, it is always my answer to a bad hair day!

Nikki Garcia