SparkUp by BusinessWorld: The Intersection of Social Media and Social Entrepreneurship

Style Cat feature on SparkUp by BusinessWorld

"Blogging opened doors for her. “At first people asked me if I were an online store, and then I got invited to media launches,” she narrated. “It escalated from small things to actual brand partnerships.” She has worked with big brands like Fujifilm, Ford Motors and Uniqlo, and have appeared on television shows and magazine pages. Learning how to create captivating social media content—including taking good pictures—she became a part of the blogging elite.

But as she devoted more time for blogging, Ms. Tansengco spent less time in creating eco‑friendly fashion. “For a time I felt bad that I just stopped at what got me started,” she confessed. “Blogging felt like a glass ceiling for me. I missed designing and creating. I want a business that would be eco‑friendly, sustainable, with a timeless look, and locally made to provide income for fellow Filipinos.”

How Style Cat all began. Click here to read the full feature. Thank you Lucia of SparkUp!