Style Catomised

We are here to help promote your company with handmade, stylish and sustainable products and Style Cat is joining in to give you the fun and luxury of catomisation. We collaborate with great companies like yours to create customised products that are committed to slow fashion and support the livelihood of our artisans.

The Possibility of Your Own Design

Style Cat offers a wide range of customization. The first step is to choose your handmade product - we have a variety of products from pouches, bags and accessories. Browse the sizes, colors and designs you prefer to help you streamline the project process. Send us your design peg or artwork! 

Let's Place Your Company Logo

We can place your logo through laser-etching on re-purposed wood or hand embroidery. Give a gift to your team or clients that is catomised to make it more special and interesting. 

Our Design, Your Brand Identity

Let's collab with our design team to make you a product that reasonates with your company. This will be your brand identity in collaboration with our artisans. We can discuss the lead times as well as the order minimums.  

Style Catomised is here to to help! We have options at all price-levels ready to be catomised for your audience. Fill out the link below for more detailed info and submit your online inquiry form so we can start the process. We look forward to partnering with you!