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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Style Cat?

            Style Cat is an exciting fashion brand for all the curious cats out there traveling the world in style. We specialize in handwoven bags and locally made swimwear that have timeless, modern designs. The bags highlight the use of weaving and hand embroidery – a skill that Filipino artisans have mastered and passed on from generation to generation.


Where are the products made?

            All Style Cat products support a community of artisans from different parts of the Philippines – down to our packaging. Our bags are handwoven by artisans from different provinces, using sustainable and renewable materials that are locally available. We also working with Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDLs) from different city jails to support their livelihood program.


What is the material of the bags?

            Style Cat uses a wide range of sustainable materials – all from renewable resources. It uses wicker, coconut husks, raffia, pandan leaves, seagrass, straw and other leaves that go through an extensive drying process then hand cut to be woven by the artisans.


How do I clean my Style Cat bag?

            To clean your bag, use a damp cloth and surface clean. Due to the natural material of the bag, do not soak or leave under direct sunlight.


How do I keep my bag in tip top condition?

            The leaves used in weaving provide a natural glossy coat so there is no need to apply any product on it. Always store in the dust bag when not in use and wipe with a dry cloth when removing dust.


Do the materials easily break?

            Style Cat bags are made with the same material the community uses as sleeping mats and hammocks so the material is quite strong and sturdy. Our bags are designed to carry all your beach essentials so feel free to pack a lot.


Will the colors of my bag fade?

            Style Cat uses export-approved lead-free dye on the materials so it’s a high quality dye that will not fade away easily. Just like any natural product, avoid direct sunlight to keep it from fading.


What are your payment options?

            Style Cat accepts payments Mastercard or Visa credit cards, bank deposits through BPI or BDO, PayPal or local money transfer outlets.


What courier do you use?

            For international shipments, it depends on the buyers preference but we usually go with Aramex. For local shipments, we send the bags out with Black Arrow Express, JRS, Lalamove and Grab Express.


How long does shipping take?

            We usually have an allowance of 3-4 days for our regular shipping arrangements unless specifically requested by the client to expedite.


What kind of leather is it?

            Style Cat is animal cruelty and avoids genuine leather. It uses the highest grade of leatherette that is soft and supple but super tough.


Will the hardware fade?

            Style Cat uses high quality gold tone hardware that doesn’t rust easily.