Style Cat Upcycled

Annually, there is a huge percentage of textiles in landfills that actually could be recycled. Packaging is a huge contributor of waste as well. With Style Cat Upcycled, we would love to do more - with less. Since we are all part of this problem, this means that we can also (and should!) be part of the solution. 

We definitely don’t like anything being wasted but, unfortunately, we have a LOT of them in the world. With Style Cat Upcycled, we would like to partner with brands that share the same values.

Together, we could upcycle your company waste + support artisan livelihood + fulfill a company need and in the end, create beautiful and useful products! If you represent a company and you have a lot of textile overstock or any waste, that you would like to upcycle, we would love to work with you to be part of the solution.